About Us

True health is a lifelong process. Nobody gets it right every time. And what we need changes as we grow and our lives and the world around us change.
We are developing solutions beyond just supplements and make sure to support you from all angles to keep your total wellness in balance. Our App is monitor your health, our specialists provide sport and nutrition advice, our Plans are support your wellbeing.
To choose the right, helpful supplements that you or your family need sometimes is quite complicated. But in an industry overrun with false labels, magic pills, and fine print, we're here to deliver it to you straight.
We do the upfront work for you, cutting through the clutter, so you don’t have to. Our ingredients are always science-backed and we make that science easy to understand. We believe you should know what you’re taking, what and when you can expect and how it works.


Avocado Box Team,

Because Good Food Makes Life Better.

Avocado Box team is developing solutions to boost your health

AvocadoBox App - Monitor Health & Get Personalized Advice

App takes into account the needs and features to achieve health goals

What's Inside The Avocado Box?

Supplements based on the science that backs them up to boost your immunity with specialist advice and plans in our App.

What's Inside The Avocado Box?


No Commitment. Skipping or canceling is easy.

Set Preferences

Choose the subscription model that works best for you and flexible plan to match your lifestyle. Not a problem to cancel, change plan, or skip a month.

Schedule Delivery

Every shipment is tracked and expertly packed to ensure quality and delivery safety. Free delivery of nutrition boost right to your door every month.

Support Health

Enjoy quality products to elevate your health and support immune system. Get personalized advice from specialists and support of community in Avocado App

Products for Avocado Box Plans

All Avocado Box products are safe and meet exacting specifications. Would like to be our supplier contact us.

All Avocado Box products are safe and meet exacting specifications.


Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Collagen, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Prebiotics, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Probiotics, Enzymes, Electrolytes, Omega-3

Products for Avocado Box Plans


Mixes of seeds, nuts, dry berries, fruits, vegetables, Healthy cookies and chocolate, Nuts butter; Pulps of avocado, mango, maracuya; Mix of herbs, flowers, roots, nuts, seeds, seaweed;

Products for Avocado Box Plans


Collagen, Healthy drinks, Tea, Drinks with probiotics, Drinks with electrolytes, Fruits extracts, Drinks with Enzymes, Healthy mixes of barriers, flowers, herbs, Fermented drinks

Why Avocado Box?

Immunity support. Science-backed products. Free from artificial flavor and color


We select the science-backed products that will be most effective in supporting your unique health needs and help you to create a health plan with vitamins and supplements to add your nutrition.

We take sourcing seriously because ingredient quality influences life and efficacy and ensure our products meet exacting specifications, and that they’re safe.


Our algorithm takes into account the details about your personal health goals and lifestyle as well as clinical research and the efficacy of different supplements. We recommend the products that will be most effective in supporting your unique health needs.

Skip the store and quality check, spend more time on what’s important for you. 


Every Avocado box you get is worth much more than you pay. The retail price of the products in the Avocado box is always more than the cost of the box itself. There’s more to health than taking supplements, and we’re here to share it all in Avocado Box App.

Our App is a great solution to support your immune system, with help of specialist, recipes and support.

Science-backed Programs to Boost Health

Avocado Box subscription Plans are developing with doctors, nutritionists, scientists, sport and lifestyle coaches to support immune system and help archive health goals to feel, think, sport, rest and sleep better.