How It Works

Our operational model

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize logistics, an assortment of goods and dynamic pricing.

Direct contracts with food and supplements manufacturers from more than 16 countries.

Flexible pricing and healthy products selection for various categories of users based on an analysis of their preferences.

Minimum margin compared to traditional sales channels. The price of goods is lower from 30 to 60 percent than in traditional sales channels.

Steps To Subscriptions

Choose the plan that’s right for you

We develop Plans with quality vitamins and supplements to maintain your wellness and support immune system, packaged into Avocado Boxes with support of your unique health needs and monitor your health for better results.

We select efficiency products that you can use in different ways: add to your drinks or smoothies, use it as cooking ingredients or add to your meals, drink or eat products as it natural form.

Choose the Avocado Box plan that’s right for you
Schedule Avocado Box Delivery

Schedule Delivery

To order Avocado Box you need to create account; provide us some information about you, delivery address, choose your plan, period of shipment for 1 or 12 months, and preferable payment method.

Your box is hand-packed and shipped via local couriers. You can track your box and agree the arriving time. Receive your healthy food Avocado Box packaged with in an insulated box.  Need to cancel, change the plan, or skip a month? Not a problem.

Support your Health

Enjoy healthy supplements, vitamins and snacks that fit into your life, easy combine with your diet or adjust into your day routing.

Our algorithm takes into account details about your personal health goals and lifestyle as well as clinical research and the efficacy of different supplements, monitor your well-being.

There’s more to health and wellness than taking supplements, and we’re here to share it all in our Avocado Box App.

Boost Health with Avocado Box plans

Support your immune system

Avocado Box Plans for your Health Goals

Clear Mind

Special supplements, vitamins are to boost your brain health. Support your memory and brain function with nutrients and antioxidants your brain needs.

Good Shape

Set of snacks, vitamins and supplements that can help you get through training to meet your shape, energy, training, recovery and nutrient goals.


Selected anti-aging supplements and vitamins help keep your skin supple, your bones strong, and your brain and body aging gracefully.

High Performance Supplements, Snacks and Drinks to Boost Your Immunity